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Corporate contacts
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Fly Card is perfect

for business

Use of electronic business cards will increase the effectiveness of your advertising. A business card fixed on the radar will help attract many new customers.

ГGroup business cards allow instantly get not only one separate business card, but immediately all the necessary business cards organizations or people from the conference.

To find the right business card you need just a few seconds.

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for personal use

With Fly Card you can easily save someone else's business card and share any business card from its electronic data storage in a couple of clicks.

Any business card can be easily found, and also export to the contact book in your phone, creating on its basis a new contact.

Business cards radar will help to find the nearest to you cafes, restaurants, shops, as well as business cards of other users nearby.

Start using thee network of digital contacts right now:


What is Fly Card?

This is an incredibly effective and simple app, that will allow you to instantly exchange contact information even with strangers, as well as easily find the business card of the right person among hundreds of others.

Quick and simple way to create an digital business card

By using a simple and intuitive editor, you can create an electronic business card in 1 minute, with an unlimited number of contact data.

Share business cards with others just in one touch

There are multiple ways to share business cards: QR code, a symbolic Q code, an option to send a link to a business card via a messenger. But that is not all! You can print your QR code / permanent Q code on a banner or flyer and attract even more new customers!

Always up-to-date contact information

No more outdated contact information! It is no longer necessary to notify everyone about the change of office. Just create a new version of your business card and everyone, who have it, will automatically receive the most up-to-date details.

All important contacts in one app

No longer will you need to search for an important paper business card, dig in emails, contacts or a notebook! Now all up-to-date contact information is in one app, where you can easily find the right person.

How does the business card work?

In real life

You pay for designing and printing and then,
a few days later, you get boxes of business cards

Give out yoy business card in person.

The business card will be:
- creased in a pocket
- at the bottom of the bag
- lost among other business cards
- in the trash bucket

If you need to update or add contact data ...

It is necessary to start all over again

In Fly Card

In 1 minute create a digital business card with an unlimited number of addresses, numbers, links and attach a photo or logo.
That's it!

Share your business card in person or online with QR code or Q-code or business card radar. QR code can be printed on a paper business card, poster, flyer or any other printed product

The business card appears:
- in the phone of the person you gave it to, - in cloud storage, which is convenient when the device is changed
Also, if you allow, the app synchronizes with your contacts and adds the business cards of the people with whom you already connected

If you need to update or add contact data ...

Just update the version of your business card in the app and all holders will automatically get the update

How it works?

When you first log into the app, it scans your contacts and you automatically receive all business cards of people with whom you are already connected.

After that, you are offered to create your own business card: personal, member or company.

Depending on type of business card, varies the data that needs to be entered. You are able to describe your occupation, position and what your company does.

To each card you can attach an unlimited number of contact data of different types, and also add a short description for them.

How to share your business card?

You can share your business card both in person and online:
  - show the QR code on the phone screen for scanning
  - tell someone or forward the Q-code, which is a simple 5-digit code of your business card
  - send the link to your business card wia SMS or an instant messenger
  - make a business card temporarily visible on the "Business card radar"
 In addition, the radar of business cards is very effective and convenient for easy exchange of contacts with people at the conference or any other event. You can add each full business card to your business card with just one click.

How quickly to find the right business card?

We did our best to save your time spend on finding the right contact. You don't need to remember anymore where you put a business card or wait for an assistant to find it in dozens of folders. In app you just need to enter the data that you remember! Our smart search works by the:

- content of business card

- place where you added it

- date or time when you added it

- note on the business card

Why is Fly Card worthy of your choice?

Our application is an excellent addition to your traditional business card! See for yourself how many advantages Fly Card has among other business cards apps!

- Fly Card is an absolutely free app. After registering, you get everything you need to create your own business card and store other people's contact date.
- Only in Fly Card you can store unlimited contact information in one business card and also share it in one touch!
- You can create groups for business cards and sort them as you like. If you have many people with similar names - it is not a problem! The application allows you to add a note to each business card.
- The Internet connection is no longer necessary – you can share business cards without it. But that's not all! Business cards scanned offline, are moved to temporary storage, from where you can add them later.

Who can benefit from using Fly Card

Everyone who has many different contacts
Corporate representatives and managers
Owners of small and medium businesses


Organizers of events and conferences
People who lead an active lifestyle
Everyone who loves to keep documents in order and values time

Some useful information

How much does the app cost?

The app is absolutely free! After registration, you can create business cards and share them with other users or save theirs.

What is a referral code for?

Everything is very simple! You share your referral code, a new user enters it on the registration window and than both of you receive gifts.

Can I create two BC?

You can create an unlimited number of business cards for every kind of your activity! Additional business cards can be obtained from the store or the referral system.

Can I edit my business card?

After saving a business card it can't be changed, but you can create a new version of it. The new version automatically updates for all its holders.

Business cards radar

With the help of the business card radar, you can not only get business cards of the nearest people, but also find business cards of cafes, commercial establishments and companies located within the range of the radar.

Is it safe?

Of course! Keeping a business card in Fly Card is no more dangerous than storing contacts in your phone, Viber or Telegram. All business cards are in the cloud storage in completely encrypted form.