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Fly Card for business

Increasing the advertising effectiveness

Unique platform for marketing

Communication with clients and business partners

Business profit increase

Increase the effectiveness of your business

Hello, we have developed a certain functional which helps to significantly increase your business profit. We have offers both for a small business and large companies. No matter if you sell fast food or are engaged in large supplies for companies, digital business cards will help you work more efficiently and earn more. Text us, will be happy to contact you and discuss the cooperation.

New advertising tool

Even if you have never faced a marketing field, you may have heard of such things as offline and online advertising. The first one includes billboards, posters, broadsheets advertising.The second one includes all the Internet advertising, it is way more productive, in part because of the tools like Google Analytics, which can provide detailed information about its effectiveness.
Now, imagine a tool saying how well your offline advertising works. For example – you have put a few billboards or posters with your advertisement and digital business card in public transport. With Fly Card business you can get all the analytics: number of viewers and keepers of your business card by time and place. For instance, a billboard №1 is most effective in the evening, while a billboard №2 doesn't work at all and you'd better not pay for it.

Everyone's familiar with spam sms sendings. It’s when you get sms from businesses which you don’t care about. Such things are not only ineffective, but they rather leave a negative impression about you. FlyCard gives you a tool for active targeted advertising.You’ll be able to send messages to the keepers of your business card. Thus, you'll send them only to those really interested and who will be glad to accept your offer.

Effective cooperation with your clients and partners

Imagine, if you have put your advertising in public transport and it caught the eye of a potential client, who needs your goods or services. But he won’t write down your phone number, while some people will take picture of it and than forget, or it’s gonna be too boring for them to search it among the bunch of photos. The result is that you are going to lose your client.
Another example is when people come to buy something from you or use your services. Frequently, they don’t want to spend their time on saving your contacts, as they consider them not important enough. Paper business cards don't live long and end up being in the trash. As a result, you lose the connection with your client, which leads to the loss of reselling. At the same time, a digital business card requires less than 3 seconds to save, it won’t get lost and is easy to use.

People working in business know how important contacts are, whether they are suppliers, partners or clients. But the amount of business cards and phone numbers often causes troubles. Business card books and notepads help, but they can’t solve the problem.
Working with large organizations, you often need to make calls to different people, in order to finally get the right phone number.
With FlyCard you can get all the digital business cards of the company in a few clicks, and they will be kept in a convenient electronic business card book in the cloud storage.